Postdoctoral and Research Fellow Members ›

Research Group Leaders

Faris Albermani Structural engineering; Spatial structures

Tom Baldock Coastal engineering, surf zone waves, wave run-up, beach erosion

Andy Barnes Disease, immunity, bacterial communities

Mike Bennett Elasmobranch biology

David Booth Sea turtle breeding biology

Rob Capon Marine invertebrate, algal and microbial biodiscovery

Tom Cribb Diversity & evolution of parasitic helminths in australian animals

Bernie Degnan Marine invertebrate biology & evolution

Sandie Degnan Ecological and evolutionary functional genomics in marine invertebrates

Sophie Dove Photobiology of reefs & their ability to endure future climate scenarios

Craig Franklin Vertebrate ecophysiology & conservation

Bryan Fry Venom evolution in marine organisms

John Fuerst Marine microbiology & biodiscovery

Richard Fuller Conservation of migratory shorebirds

Mary Garson Marine natural products

Lexa Grutter Coral reef ecology

Ben Hankamer Microalgae, biofuels, bioproducts, structural biology

Ove Hoegh-Guldberg Coral reef ecosystems

Phil Hugenholtz Ecogenomics

John Jell Palaeobiology, stratigraphy and coral reef studies

Ron Johnstone Coastal nutrient and ecosystem function

Janet Lanyon Marine vertebrate ecology

Bob Lester Marine parasitology especially in relation to fisheries and aquaculture

Richard Lewis Conotoxins and ciguatoxins

Cath Lovelock Coastal plants, macroalgae, climate change, sea level rise

John Lucas Aquaculture and ecophysiology of marine invertebrates

Justin Marshall Sensory neurobiology

Hamish McGowan Climatology

Paul Mills Veterinary disease investigation; marine turtles & dugongs

Jochen Mueller The occurence of organic pollutants

Peter Mumby Coral reef ecology and conservation

Peter Nielsen Coastal and ocean engineering

Michael Noad Whale acoustics and ecology

Kate O'Brien Interdisciplinary aquatic system modelling

Peter O'Donoghue Clinical protozoology

John Pandolfi Marine palaeoecology

Ann Peterson Coastal planning, management & governance

Stuart Phinn Remote sensing, long-term ecosystem research

Hugh Possingham Marine reserve system design

Mark Ragan Genomics and bioinformatics

Anthony Richardson Climate change ecology

Cynthia Riginos Ecological and evolutionary genetics of marine animals

Chris Roelfsema Marine remote sensing

Peer Schenk Microalgae biotechnology and biofuels

Ethan Scott Motor coordination and learning in zebrafish

Jennifer Seddon Population genetics

Jamie Shulmeister Paleoclimatology of the Western Pacific Basin

Uli Siebeck Fish neuroethology: visual perception

Ian Tibbetts The biology and ecology of fishes

Kathy Townsend Marine ecology and human impacts

Gene Tyson Microbial diversity and evolution

Selina Ward Invertebrate physiology and environmental change

Gregg Webb Ancient and modern reefs, corals and microbialites

Scarla Weeks Satellite and biophysical oceanography

Kevin Welsh Coral reef ecology and geochemistry

Craig White Evolutionary physiology of animals

Kerrie Wilson Conservation ecology

Robbie Wilson Integrative ecologist

Adjunct and Emeritus Members

Richard Barnes (Adjunct) Spatial variation in the biodiversity of seagrass macrobenthic assemblages

Peter Dux (Emeritus) Civil engineering

Geoff Playford (Emeritus) Palynology, palaeobotany, stratigraphy, palaeoecology