Island research stations

UQ’s Great Barrier Reef and subtropical, coastal marine stations provide world-class research and learning opportunities in a range of pristine and biodiverse marine and terrestrial environments.

Internationally renowned for coral reef and ecological research, Heron Island Research Station houses equipment rarely found offshore. It is the largest island research station in the Southern Hemisphere.
Moreton Bay Research Station provides direct access to the subtropical waters of Moreton Bay and the Coral Sea, and the unique terrestrial habitats of North Stradbroke Island.
In addition to our marine station capabilities, the UQ Central Boating & Diving Facility provides vessels, dive equipment and instruments to enable access to marine and freshwater habitats. Contact them for bookings, training and certification information.

Latest news

Read highlights from the past year in the annual UQ Island Research Stations Newsletter. Each edition features news about research activities, educational programs, scholarships, events and more.