The Centre for Marine Science hosts a regular seminar series aimed at PhD and Honours students but open to all. Our seminars aim to showcase the breadth of student research within the University, encompassing all Schools and Institutes linked to CMS. They provide a great opportunity for Honours and PhD students to practice presenting their research in a small, friendly environment and for everyone to learn about the marine research being conducted at UQ.

3 seminars are held each semester, typically on a Thursday in room 257 Goddard Building. Special seminars featuring visiting researchers are added to the schedule when the opportunity arises. Detailed information about upcoming presenters and topics will be posted here once confirmed.

If you would like to present in the future, please get in contact via email:

2019 Seminar Schedule

Semester 2

‚ÄčThursday, 18 July, 3:00 pm, 257 Goddard Bldg (8) SPECIAL SEMINAR

  • Dr Jack Laverick, University of Odense, Denmark. "What makes a mesophotic coral ecosystem?"

Wednesday, 31 July, 1:00 pm, 257 Goddard Bldg (8) SPECIAL SEMINAR

  • Dr Adam Monier "Killers and Symbionts - Viruses and Infected Cells in the Oceans?"

Thursday, 15 August, 1:00 pm, 257 Goddard Bldg (8) Postgrad Seminar

  • Erin Watson, Honours graduate, BIOL. How colour pattern characteristics influence the detection of objects by a coral reef fish
  • Alejandre Lopez Galan, PhD candidate, QBI "The unknown brain of a cuttlefish - What can we learn from cuttlefish brain and behaviour?"

Monday, 19 August, 3:00 pm, 257 Goddard Bldg (8) SPECIAL SEMINAR

  • Prof. Michal Kowalewski "Tales told by dead shells: Paleobiological approaches to historical ecology and conservation"

Thursday, 26 September, 1:00 pm, 257 Goddard Bldg (8) Postgrad Seminar

  • Nicole Shumway, PhD candidate "Offshoring offsets: when is spatial flexibility in biodiversity offset location worth the risk?"
  • Karin Zwiep, PhD candidate "The potential of ancient environmental DNA to expand historical reconstructions of the Great Barrier Reef.” 

Thursday, 10 October, 1:00 pm, 257 Goddard Bldg (8) Postgrad Seminar

  • Sam Smithers, PhD candidate - "Visual processing of polarization and intensity information in fiddler crab vision"
  • Scott Spillias, PhD candidate - "The environmental and social impacts of open-water seaweed farming"

Monday, 21 October, 2:00 pm, 257 Goddard Bldg (8) SPECIAL SEMINAR

  • Prof. Richard Barnes - "Patchiness of seagrass faunal abundance across spatial scales and across habitats"

Monday,  18 November, 2:00 pm, 115 Prentice Bldg (42) SPECIAL SEMINAR

  • Prof. Debashish Bhattacharya, Rutgers University - Coral genetics TBD