The Centre for Marine Science hosts a regular seminar series aimed at PhD and Honours students but open to all. Our seminars aim to showcase the breadth of student research within the University, encompassing all Schools and Institutes linked to CMS. They provide a great opportunity for Honours and PhD students to practice presenting their research in a small, friendly environment and for everyone to learn about the marine research being conducted at UQ.

3 seminars are held each semester, typically on a Thursday in room 257 Goddard Building. Special seminars featuring visiting researchers are added to the schedule when the opportunity arises. Detailed information about upcoming presenters and topics will be posted here once confirmed.

If you would like to present in the future, please get in contact via email:

2019 Seminar Schedule

Semester 1

Monday 11 February, 2:00 pm, 257 Goddard Bldg (8) SPECIAL SEMINAR

  • Professor Don Levitan, Florida State University “The evolution of gametic compatibility in sea urchins in response to shifting patterns of sperm availability”
  • Dr Gavin Gouws, National Research Foundation – South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity (NRF-SAIAB), “The view from the other side of the Indian Ocean: molecular studies and marine biodiversity in the South West Indian Ocean”

Thursday, 7 March, 1:00 pm, 501 Goddard Bldg (8) Postgrad Seminar

  • Leslie Roberson, PhD candidate, BIOL, SEES, “Should we eat threatened species?”
  • Ruben Venegas, PhD candidate, BIOL, CEED, "Marine biodiversity conservation in the face of offshore hydrocarbon activities."

Friday 8 March, 3:00 pm, 257 Goddard Bldg (8) SPECIAL SEMINAR

  • Professor Amatzia Genin, The Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences and Department of Ecology, Evolution & Behavior, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, “Behavioral responses of zooplankton and fish to currents in the coral reef: an oceanographic perspective”

Friday 22 March, 3:00 pm, 115 Prentice Bldg (42) SPECIAL SEMINAR

  • Professor Paul Falkowski, Distinguished Professor, Bennett L. Smith Chair in Business and Natural Resources, Departments of Earth and Planetary Sciences and Marine and Coastal Sciences, Rutgers University. “How corals make rocks"

Thursday, 4 April, 2:00 pm, 257 Goddard Bldg (8) SPECIAL SEMINAR

  • Dr Mel Cowlishaw, Assistant Director, Strategic Advice for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority will present an overview of the work of the Authority, current challenges, the Reef 2050 Plan and some basic process information on Marine Park Permits

Thursday, 18 April, 1:00 pm, 257 Goddard Bldg (8) Postgrad Seminar

  • Melissa Staines, Honours student, BIOL. "A Turtley Cool Project - mitigating impacts of climate change on turtle populations in the GBR" 
  • Cedric van den Berg, PhD candidate, BIOL "Seeing the World Through the Eyes of Animals"

Thursday, 16 May, 1:00 pm, 257 Goddard Bldg (8) Postgrad Seminar

  • Clarisse Louvard, PhD candidate, BIOL
  • Amy Streets, PhD candidate, QBI

Friday, 31 May, 11:00 am, 139 Goddard Bldg (8) School of Biological Sciences Seminar

  • Professor Brian Silliman , Duke University "Systematic harnessing of positive species interactions expands the marine conservation paradigm." 

Thursday, 20 June, 1:00 pm, 257 Goddard Bldg (8) SPECIAL SEMINAR

  • Professor Amatzia Genin, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Inter-University Institute for Marine Sciences (IUI) in Eilat, Israel "Behavior, information processing time, and ecology of planktivorous fish in coral reefs"

Thursday, 18 July, 3:00 pm, 257 Goddard Bldg (8) SPECIAL SEMINAR

  • Dr Jack Laverick, University of Odense, Denmark. "What makes a mesophotic coral ecosystem?"