With modern marine research stations located in the tropics and subtropics, our Centre has access to some of the most biodiverse marine habitats on the planet. This combination – a huge pool of co-located marine scientists with complementary knowledge and skills, and a wide range of marine habitats at our doorstep – creates a unique and vibrant research environment.

The University of Queensland also has one of the most diverse and comprehensive undergraduate marine science programs in Australia, with our senior marine scientists contributing to teaching and learning at all levels. Our Bachelor of Science - Marine Biology Extended MajorBachelor of Science - Marine Science Major and Advanced Marine Undergraduate Program are renowned for their quality and focus, and allow students to study a wide range of marine disciplines – from physical and molecular science and engineering through to ecology, nature conservation and global change science. With an eye to the future, our students tailor their undergraduate programs to meet their goals and aspirations. In addition, all our students have the opportunity to get hands-on experience at our field stations situated on the Great Barrier Reef and biodiverse Moreton Bay.

The Centre for Marine Science is located on the St Lucia Campus in Brisbane, where the large majority of students and staff are located, including the Director, Professor Bernard Degnan.

We maintain a number of mailing lists where we post opportunities and relevant marine news. Interested people can sign up for these Centre for Marine Science Mailing lists at the below links.

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The Centre for Marine Science
The University of Queensland
Brisbane, Queensland 4072

Telephone: + 61 7 3365 4333
E-mail: marine@uq.edu.au

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