International students come to The University of Queensland by many avenues and for a range of reasons, many of which revolve around Australia’s unique flora and fauna. UQ offers a range of opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students to experience Queensland’s unique marine environments, ranging from the Great Barrier Reef to the local Great Sandy Region that forms the largest sand islands in the world off the coast of Southeast Queensland.

Students benefit from UQ's impressive marine infrastructure, which includes a Great Barrier Reef research station – the world-famous Heron Island Research Station – and Moreton Bay Research Station on North Stradbroke Island.

International students study at UQ for a semester or longer, with many enrolling in the Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree with a Marine Science Major or a Marine Biology Extended Major. More advanced undergraduates will visit for a year, as an exchange or study-abroad student, undertaking studies in the Advanced Undergraduate Program in Marine Science.

We also offer courses to international students that are visiting for one semester and who want to experience our rich marine environment but do not have the necessary background in science to enrol in our advanced courses. More…

Finally, there is opportunity for universities to partner with UQ to establish unique university specific arrangements. Partner universities include Stanford University and University of California. For details contact the International Programs office.