CMS Biodiversity Road Show

The UQ Biodiversity Road Show is a mobile, interactive exploration designed to reveal the biological diversity of our region to the public. 

The inaugural Biodiversity Road Show will naturally be marine-focused and held at the Wellington Point shore. CMS Director, Associate Professor Ian Tibbetts, along with four experienced postgraduate tutors, will guide attendees through an exploration of the different habitats and life forms found at the shore.

Small aquaria or touch tanks with some of the interesting creatures people might find in the area will be on display. Tutors will be on hand to provide brief introductions of the animals’ biology and the ecology of their habitat. 

A mini-lab complete with a dissecting microscope fitted with a camera projecting images onto a large screen, will allow a closer look at common (and rare) seashore animals and plants. In addition, small self-contained microscopes will be available for members of the public to conduct their own exploration, with discoveries being interpreted by the teaching team. People will be able to see wonders such as oysters feeding up close, the host of tiny animals living on a piece of seaweed and the intricate beauty of planktonic animals. 

an image of a spotter stingray

Guided Walks – registration essential

Tutors and Associate Professor Tibbetts will lead shore walks open to those members of the public. This part of the day gives attendees time and space to make their own explorations with expert guidance from UQ staff. 

If time permits, we will demonstrate how to set up a Baited Remote Underwater Video apparatus and show footage previously recorded from various habitats in Moreton Bay.

Please register for a guided walk, and be sure to bring appropriate PPE (hat, sunscreen, closed shoes or diving booties).