The iROOS is a student-driven volunteer group of Environmental Science (BEnvSc) undergraduates from The University of Queensland (UQ), though students in other majors such as Bachelor of Science are also welcome.  This organization developed out of one of the field-courses offered through the BSc Ecology major  - BIOL3016: Outback Ecology, a course that takes student to Idalia National Park in central Queensland for an opportunity to study outback ecology first hand.  iROOS developed with the goal of addressing conservation needs of Idalia NP and other rural Queensland parks.  Members of this group work closely with UQ staff and the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services (QPWS).  They have, since the development of the group in 2007, been involved in a wide range of conservation, management and research projects based at Idalia National park, including: fresh water rehabilitation and protection projects, surveying the endangered Bridled Nailtail Wallaby, flora and fauna surveys, installing exclusion fencing to aid in the recovery of several endangered species and general park management.  Students fund this exciting group through fundraising BBQs and generous gifts from private donors.  To find out more about joining or supporting this student organization, please visit their official website.