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Presidente of the French association OCEANUM, which aims to protect the environment and especially marine ecosystems, I have just set up the OCEANUM I project to promote solidarity and international cooperation for the preservation and development of marine ecosystems.

Also, as project manager, I am doing a round-the-world trip during which I will carry out various voluntary activities in correspondence with my scientific and technical collaborator which will stay in the island of Reunion.

This project is aimed at coastal communities, humanitarian and environmental associations, marine wildlife centers, universities, scientists and research centers.

During the project, a follow-up will be done through a blog and social networks. And, in order to pass on the experience to the greatest number, photographic exhibitions and testimonies, conferences and educational interventions, a newsletter and a book about the subject are planning at the end of the project.

Then, I have learned the existence of the Marine Megafauna Foundation on the Internet and it is with great pleasure that I contact you to propose you to participate in this international project. Thus, I would join you as part of a volunteer mission.

My areas of competence maily concern study and education for the conservation of coastal and marine ecosystems. Indeed, I am a graduate of a Master's in Urban Engineering and Environment, specialization in sustainable development and a MA in Tropical Biodiversity, specialization in marine biology.

I work, among others, since 2011 with different organizations for the conservation and protection of marine mammals, turtles, coral reef and fishes in the Reunion Island. I make photo-identifications, study the abundance of species, the impacts of human activities and natural impacts on cetaceans, turtles, coral reef and fishes. I also did a study on sponges.

Currently, I am working on a corals transplantation methodological guide with the Marine Reserve of Reunion Island. In addition to my work as a marine biologist, I am also a speaker, marine guide for sustainable tourism and intervener for students. I have also a certificate of wildlife animal care.


I have other assets that can be useful to you such as make funding files and education projects. I am pilot boat and scientific diver. My skills are also the GIS, photo, video, graphic and website design and slide show.

My strengths points are above all the organization, the communication, the contact, the adaptability, the open mind and the capacity to  work in team or in autonomy. 

Passionate about everything related to our planet and in particular the marine ecosystems, I really wish to have the opportunity to carry out a volunteer mission within your structure. In exchange, this project offers you the opportunity to publicize your researches throughout the world.

I’ll be in Queensland area from October 29 to November 24, 2018. 

I thank you for your attention to my request. To know more, I invite you on the website of the association: oceanum1.wordpress.com

Being at your disposal for additional information, please accept, Madam, Sir, the assurance of my best regards.


Stephanie Le Bonniec

Project manager Oceanum project I




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Le Bonniec
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Queensland area