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Hi there! I am a graduate from Marine Biology, wanting to help out and volunteer with your research projects. It is has been a number of years since I graduated and I am looking to update my skills and contacts in the feild in the hopes of finding work, whilst also having fun in the field.

My experience includes wild capture of fish and invertebrates through a number of methods, water testing, surveying, dissection, data compilation and analysis and more. My degree included an Honours year, during which I conducted a study the behaviour and personality of pygmy squid.

I am a good snorkeler and hold an Open water dive licence, with a handful of dives since my licencing, and a recreational marine (boating) licence. I have been to a number of islands before and am prepared for the living conditions there, including Heron, Hook, Hayman, Great Keppel and Brampton islands. I am willing to camp in remote areas, and have middling fitness, with the ability to walk all day. I have excellent photography skills, and am comfortable identifying species through guide books or dichotomous keys, or remembering details for later identification. While my primary interest is marine, I also love birds, lizards, spiders and insects, and enjoy the feilds or behaviour, taxonomy, conservation and ecology.

Please check out my Linked in profile for more information  https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelle-horsman-b0151056/

or contact me by email with any questions.

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Sunshine Coast