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Hi all,

I completed my Ph.D. at University of Copenhagen in October 2018. In my thesis, “Macroecology and Microevolution of reef fishes in the Arabian Peninsula”, I used populations genetic tools to answer ecological questions by coupling oceanographic features and genetic variability across populations. At the University of Copenhagen I was part of the Section for Evolutionary Genomics, where I accumulated large experience with both DNA laboratory work and analyses of next-generation sequencing data.

I have a master’s degree in biological oceanography and bachelor in Biology. During this time, I became a scientitic diver and conducted extensive fieldwork including habitat assessment, population surveys and species inventory. My experience as an ecologist also includes statistical analyses such as GLM, GAM, niche model and multivariate statistics.

My research interest and expertise include population genetics, biophysical modelling, oceanography, taxonomy of fishes, marine ecology and ichthyoplankton. I also have some knowlodge on fisheries science and environmental DNA (eDNA).

I will be in Australia from begining to April till the end of June. 

Please, just let me know if you need an extra hand.



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Felipe Torquato
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