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The CMS Committee is made up of dedicated volunteer students and postdocs working together to achieve our goal of engaging with the University, local and regional communities, and policy makers to encourage and facilitate scientific collaboration, knowledge sharing, community awareness and political engagement with marine issues.

Participation in the group provides opportunities to develop useful skills and networks, both within the University and throughout the region more generally.

We are an active group responsible for several activities including:

  • Regular research seminars where Honours and PhD students can present their research and enhance their presentation skills. Research seminars generally involve presentations by two or three students, with time for questions. Special seminars featuring visiting researchers are also held throughout the year as opportunities arise.
  • TalkFest, a one day mini-conference, is run twice a year at the end of O Week (Feb and July). Marine researchers from UQ and external collaborators share their research over the course of the day. Presentations are by senior researchers and postdocs, with attendance open to all. There is ample opportunity to network and discuss collaborations over the breaks.  
  • Post graduate student workshops aimed at providing additional skill development including boat handling in Moreton Bay, Adobe Illustrator, and various other components of effective science communication.
  • Public engagement activities including the Biodiversity Roadshow where academics, tutors and volunteers set up various activities designed to increase the public’s awareness of, and engagement with, their immediate environment. Microscopes, touch tanks, baited underwater vehicles, field techniques, drawing/colouring activities and guided walks are some of the activities provided.
  • Media engagement, both traditional and social, is becoming increasingly important for all scientists. Our media team is relatively new but will be growing significantly providing hands-on learning opportunities while helping us get our messages out to the broader community.
  • CMS partners with other organisational units and student groups on campus to conduct an annual Clean Up Australia Day event along the UQ riverbank. The 2017 event included two boats and over 50 volunteers on shore cleaning up rubbish that would otherwise get washed into Moreton Bay. Volunteers also found the time and energy to plant 850 trees!

If you would like to join us, either to work on specific events or to help out more generally across our activities, please contact Tamara Homburg, Committee Chair on You can also visit the Contact Us page for a list of all our teams, their leaders and contact information if you’d like to contact one of them directly.