Job Position: 
Volunteer work
Closing Date: 
Friday, June 30, 2017

Opportunities are available in the ECO-Laboratory ( headed by Professor Craig Franklin in the School of Biological Sciences at UQ to work on an Australian Research Council funded project looking at designing effective fish-friendly waterway culverts. The project is examining fish movement physiology and ecological restoration as part of joint Linkage Project with DPI Fisheries (NSW) and NSW Roads and Maritime Services. Man-made instream structures (e.g. dams and road crossings) have contributed to major declines in native fish numbers, with > 6,000 barriers to fish migration occurring in NSW alone. Recognising this, Fisheries NSW is leading the development of national guidelines for the design and construction of fish friendly road crossings. This project will integrate data on the swimming ability of Australian fish species with culvert hydraulic modelling to better understand fish requirements in and around road crossings. These data will be used to develop the National recommendations for ‘fish-friendly’ road crossing designs that better integrate the requirements of native fish with the need for cost-effective water management around roads. Volunteers with assist with fish husbandry and maintenance, and with the collection of swimming performance data. The work will be conducted in a hydraulic laboratory in a range of flumes, including 12 m long channels that allow us to perform field-scale experiments under controlled conditions. 

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Jabin Watson
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St Lucia campus